T h e c o m p a n y

l'azienda bronzato valpolicella

H o w i t a l l b e g a n

Ours is a family business, cultivating the land for generations; but just a few years ago passion moved us to dedicate ourselves to the cultivation of grapes and the production of wine.

Our vineyards are located in the upper Squaranto Valley in the hills north of Verona, part of the Valpolicella region near the Lessinia Regional Nature Park.

the soil

F l i n t a n d m o r e . . .

The land lies in an area unique for the particular nature of its soil: basalt, Lessinia marble, and flint rocks emerge from the ground. The latter has been used by man since the Stone Age for the manufacture of tools, and later as flint.

Flint has also become the symbol of our company. For us flint means continuity, a bond between man and territory that renews itself and has lasted for millennia.

l'azienda bronzato i vigneti
bronzato valpolicella-azienda
the region

A c o r n e r o f p a r a d i s e

The land on which the vineyards stand is “a corner of paradise” rich in biodiversity, where vines, olive trees and cherry trees coexist with meadows and forests.